Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Despite our hypocritical history, today's power hungry politicians, and the flawed system that they are creating, The United States still reigns as the best and most free country in the world. If followed properly, which has NEVER been the case, our founders created documents that outline the epitome of freedom and independence.  At a time that we Americans stand as witnesses to both major political parties tearing our country apart by grasping opposite ends of our social fabric and pulling as hard as possible, lets not forget that we are all in this together.  

Today we celebrate the founding of our great country through the bold decision to declare independence from Britain.  While we celebrate this important day in our history, it is about time that we declare our own independence.   We are not bound to the party lines that currently enslave us.  We need to start questioning the intentions, and motivations of all who desire to put us into oversized boxes. No one should be happy with having an all-inclusive label slapped on them.  

Everyone has their own personal reasons for supporting a given side of any issue, and party affiliation should not be the major part of that equation.  Let us do away with the pettiness, and begin to have some respect for our fellow citizens.  On this Independence Day I challenge you to rethink why you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Green. Consider what those parties truly stand for, rather than what they stand against.  Think about how conveniently they take opposite sides of all issues.  How little attention is paid to the issues that tie these parties together, and why?  How much does their system depend on keeping us as citizens at odds, defined by our party affiliation?  

Let's be defined as Americans. In our country we can acknowledge our flaws freely, and work to fix them respectfully, all the while embracing our greatness.  The demise of that greatness can only come from within, but as long as we remember what links us rather than dwelling on what separates us we stand to always be free and independent.  Beginning with the Declaration of Independence, the documents that create that structure is already in place.  The problems we face are real, and using those documents to navigate a much different world may be difficult, but together, Americans can accomplish anything.  

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. We should always and continually rethink why we follow certain political parties, and although none of them will meet all our needs, we live in a society where we have the chance to vote and change things. We don't have an Independence Day, but we ought to recognise that we have much more freedoms than some countries and that freedom should be used to make society a better place.

    Oh Skool, Great Britain 'reigns as the best and most free country in the world'. You must have mis-printed, ha ha ha ha :)